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Tonic Alchemy Ingredients

Ingredients in Tonic Alchemy™

Tonic Alchemy™, the 71-in-1 supertonic superfood, contains thousands of essential and invaluable phytochemicals, minerals and unique nutrients that are required to promote radiant health. Tonic Alchemy™ is made with the finest ingredients in the world for people seeking truly superior nutrition and radiant health.

Supertonic BlendGreen Juice BlendVegetable Juice Blend
Reishi MushroomBarley GrassCarrot Juice
AshwagandaRye GrassBroccoli Juice
AstragalusWheat GrassTomato Juice
Ho Shou WuOat GrassBrussels Sprouts Juice
GynostemmaAlfalfa GrassOnion Juice
Maitake MushroomKamut GrassGarlic Juice
Lycium BerriesGinger Juice
PearlCucumber Juice
SchizandraKale Juice
AgaricusSpinach Juice
RhodiolaParsley Juice
CordycepsCabbage Juice
Celery Juice
Cauliflower Juice
Green Bell Pepper Juice
Misc.Asparagus Juice
Luo Han Guo
Super Sprout BlendHydrillaSea Vegetable Blend
Amaranth SproutAshitabaLaminaria Japonica
Buckwheat SproutGreen TeaEcklonia
Azuki SproutSpirulinaAscophyllum Nodosum
Quinoa SproutDunaliellaMacrocystis
Millet SproutApple PectinAlaria
Flax Seed SproutApple
Sunflower SproutChlorella
Pumpkin Seed SproutAcerola CherriesAntioxidant Fruit Blend
Garbanzo Bean SproutRice BranBlueberry
Kidney Bean SproutSteviaCherry
Lentil SproutPineapplePapaya
Chia SproutLarch Bark
Sesame Seed SproutBitter Melon


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