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Daily Herbs & Berries


8 Fluid Ounces


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Daily Herbs & Berries is a delicious liquid concentrate containing 43 superfoods. Only the purest ingredients are gathered from exotic, tropical regions of Asia to the rain forests of South America, and areas in between. Any one of these superfoods is potent by itself. By combining 43 in this formula, a synergistic effect is created.


From the rainforest, there are powerful herbs such as boldo, cleavers, camu-camu, cat's claw and mate'. From ayurveda, they have incorporated ginger, licorice root and triphala. Contributions from Chinese medicine include jiaogulan, gingko, astragalus, green tea and ginseng.


It also contains ingredients from traditional European and American Indian herbal wisdom. With the addition of powerful, anti-oxidant rich berries such as cherry, acerola, red raspberry and blueberry, you have a wonderful, nutrient rich addition to any smoothie!



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